Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) 2018-01-16T07:05:07+00:00

GPS’s Health, Safety and Environmental Management System Framework sets out expectations for delivery of health, safety and environmental performance.
GPS’s pledge is to demonstrate respect for the natural environment and to work to achieve the goals of no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

The GPS HSE Document aidsHSE Manager, Project Managers, Supervisors and Foremen in describing GPS’s Health, Safety and Environment Management System Framework and the Key Processes which support the Health, Safety and Environmental Expectations to be adopted by all GPSManagers. They are the boundaries within which all GPS personnel must operate. The guide is available in full and can be requested from the HSE Manager.
There are twelve elements to the GPS Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems Framework:

  1. Leadership and Accountability;
  2. Risk Assessment and Management;
  3. People,Training and Behaviours;
  4. Working with Business Partners and Sub-Contractors;
  5. Facilities, Design and Construction;
  6. Operations and Maintenance;
  7. Information and Documentation;
  8. Customers and Products;
  9. Community and Stakeholder Awareness;
  10. Crisis and Emergency Management;
  11. Incidents, Analysis and Prevention; and
  12. Assessment, Assurance and Improvement.

To be compliant with and to achieve the overall stated objectives of the GPSHSE Framework the requirements are broadcast to all departments within GPS and Sub-Contractors.

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