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Global Platinum offers a wide range of telephony and data network management and control services. Select a product or service below to find out more.

Network Design & Planning

Network Design & Planning

GPS Drafting department meticulously calculates fibre routes, for detailed planning of fibre infrastructure deployment and installation.

Our drafting department meticulously plans and draws up all proposed fibre optic routes, and submits applications for route and infrastructure installations to the relevant departments affected by the the construction of a given fibre network, including planning documentation and cadastral diagram information.

Our solid relationships with both the client and the municipality ensures accurate municipal records, and we submit detailed as-build files to site owners, as well as keeping them on file for future reference.


GPS offers a wide range of civil engineering and related services:

Hand Trenching

GPS employs large teams of South African labourers to carefully hand trench in metropolitan areas. GPS supports the drive for job creation and the use of local labour. This is a global company initiative, and forms part of Global Platinum Solution’s BBBEE policy.

Tar & Roads Division

The GPS Tar and Roads Division specialises in the cutting of roads, the removal and replacement of tar surfaces and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) compaction testing.

All our work carries the GPS guarantee, and meets civil criteria for all specifications.

This division also includes the GPS manhole team, who are equipped to install pre-cast manholes by means of crane trucks, as well as qualified to build brick manholes according to municipal specifications.

Civil Excavation

The GPS Civil Excavation Department removes building and site rubble for dumping at municipal or specialised dump sites.GPS is committed to environmental sustainability, and ensuresadherence to approved recycling and waste disposal practises.

Paving & Rock Demolition

Our experienced paving team will carefully remove, and then re-instate paving at an installation site, while our rock demolition teams specialise in breaking rock by drilling and non-toxicexpanding chemical blasting. Debris is excavated and removed from the site by our Excavation department.

Mechanical & Civil Trenching

Our mechanical trenching division uses the latest technology to ensure fast and effective installations over any distance.

The GPS mechanical trenching division uses specialised and proven trenching machinery to carry out necessary trenching quickly and effectively, ensuring the rapid laying of services over large distances.

Rated 5 by CIDB, GPS is a civil utility construction contractor with over 10 years of experience building major telecommunication networks in Southern Africa. We have developed a sterling reputation for commitment to safety and quality and can take your project from design to completion.

Ground Penetration Radar GPR

GPR detects underground infrastructure such as pipes and cabling to enable installations to be carried out with minimum disruption.

GPR is used in the detection of pipes, cables and similar service infrastructure underground, to ensure that trenching and drilling for cable laying is carried out safely and without risking existing infrastructure.

The GPR captures data on a micro-computer, and the operator identifies obstacles and hidden infrastructure, thus avoiding damage and potential service disruption during installation of new services. This data can even be processed by a drafting team, and compiled into a 3D map of below ground infrastructure, crucial for network planning.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

In the 1990’s, the horizontal technology was adapted for utility conduit installations. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is also referred to as horizontal drilling, rotary drilling and sideways drilling.

Today, Horizontal Directional Drilling is widely used. HDD allows for conduit placements underneath obstacles and provides maximum protection while, at the same time, minimizing maintenance costs. HDD is used in three major industries: the oil field, the utility industry, and the environmental remediation industry. GPS specializes in the utility industry and the environmental remediation industry.

Thanks to this technology, we can lay cabling and implement installations under roads, rivers, and existing services with minimal disturbance to the area.

Tar Works

Tar division consisting of tar/concrete cutting, removal, reinstatement, compaction, DCP testing and relaying of tar together with roller tar compaction.

Rock Breaking

GPS conducts rock demolition and breaking through a combination of high compression jack hammers and chemical blasting technologies.

Civil Logistics & Deliveries

Fleet of crane trucks enable GPS to easily move civil material to and from their required destinations.


Aerial Fibre

To meet the increasing demand of fibre optic requirements, GPS is skilled in rapid deployment of aerial fibre cable infrastructure with minimum disruption to effected areas.

Fibre Optic Cabling

The GPS Fibre team specialises in core alignment fusion splicing and high level OTRD testing of all fibre installations and terminations. We import and export fibre cable and the full range of fibre ducts and products for blown fibre installations.

Our specialised fibre optic team allows us to offer a range of fibre optic network and cabling services that provide you with a full service solution for fibre optic cabling.

We import and export a wide range of fibre cable, as well supplying and exporting the entire range of fibre ducts and products used in blown fibre installations.

GPS specialises in core alignment fusion splicing, for the termination of fibre cabling, and can conduct high level OTRD testing for any fibre installation and termination.

Blown Fibre & Testing

We offer full duct integrity testing (DIT) before blown fibre installation.

Our highly skilled fibre team carries out Duct Integrity Tests (DIT) on all fibre micro ducts before the installation of Fibre cable.

Once the micro ducts have been tested, fibre optic cable is floated through the micro ducts on a cushion of air, resulting in the name for this process being known as “blown fibre.”

ISP Solutions

Data Cabinets

Global Platinum supplies a wide range of server cabinets and data cabinets. We assess your server room requirements, and supply and install data cabinets and server cabinets, as well as cabinet accessories.

Whether you’re operatinga full server room with multiple servers, or a simple server cabinet for office use, Global Platinum Solutions offers a wide range of server solutions.

Whether you call it a data cabinet, a server cabinet, or a server rack, we customise theappropriate solutionfor business continuity. Global Platinum offers you professional and unbiased advisory for your acquisition. Our data cabinets can accommodate even the largest servers, with cabinet depths of up to 1400mm and easy access to important cable connections, improved air flow, and protection against damage and pollutants.

We offer the following range of data and server cabinets in a variety of sizes, from 600mm to 1400mm deep, depending on the product:

  • Data Cabinets;
  • Server Cabinets;
  • Swing Frame Cabinets & Solid Frame Cabinets;
  • Soundproof Cabinets;
  • Wall-Mounted Enclosures;
  • Floor Standing Racks;
  • Open Racks; and
  • Drawers.

Our long experience has made us experts in choosing the right solution for you. We measure heat output to determine how much equipment can be installed in each rack, and provide a full range of cabinet accessories, including fixed or sliding shelves, fan trays, PDU’s, and cable management solutions.

Server Room Installation

GPS Design, Build, Project Manage and Maintain Server Rooms and Data Centres to meet the individual’s specifications.

Our advisory also projects future technology requirements.

Developing a secure and efficient server room is a top priority for IT professionals. Whether your company would like to overhaul its current server room infrastructure, or needs to design a server room from inception, GPS’s expertise can help your company move from the planning stage through implementation and maintenance.

Server Room Requirements

A server room should function as a carefully controlled environment. Location, required space, and the related power requirements are all important factors that need to be considered when building or redesigning a server room.

The GPS team of experts are fully trained to assess all factors and risks, to design a server room that’s perfectly befitting the requirements for business continuity.

Scalable & Flexible Server Room Designs

When it comes to providing scalability, flexibility, and high availability, our designs and resources set GPS apart from the competition. Our emphasis on planning and pre-design services guarantees that your company will receive optimal server room solutions that fit within your budget and time frame.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV is becoming an increasingly popular security method as it becomes more important to manage your security effectively.

CCTV is an integral part of any organizations security system.Not only can CCTV help monitor and evaluate security threats, but their footage is always important in post-incident investigations.

Monitor parking lots, work areas, employee entrance areas, high security areas and building perimeters, and increase your peace of mind.

The simplest form of CCTV consists of a video camera, connected to a monitor by means of a transmission link, which can be as simple as a cable. More complex systems combine several cameras and monitors, sometimes with wireless links.Wireless CCTV systems are particularly versatile, with a wide range of transmission capabilities, sizes and functions.

CCTV surveillance has a broad range of applications in commercial and industrial settings, and systems can range all the way from single cameras, to networks with hundreds of CCTV cameras controlled by an automated computer system.

Leading CCTV Supplier

Global Platinum Solutions is a leading supplier of CCTV systems and related equipment. We offer and install CCTVsystems in all environments, with the best in reliable, high quality equipment.

When you use GPS, you can always be sure of getting nothing but the best.

Access Control

Access Control “dovetails” with security management. From Biometrics and DVR to Time & Attendance monitoring, our access control solutions give you control over the work environment.

Access control is an important part of any security system, and may combine a variety of different methodologies to securely control the access of restricted or sensitive security areas. At Global Platinum Solutions, we offer a range of access control options, and are always willing to advise our clients about the most suitable option, depending on their individual requirements.

Access Control offers the following security features and options:

  • Permits only authorised access to pre-defined areas;
  • Identifies individuals or groups requesting access, and records access attempts;
  • Provides access monitoring procedures controlled by state of the art hardware and software;
  • Local & remote configuration and management;
  • Variety of authentication techniques;
  • Alert management; and
  • Advanced communication – Wireless, Blue-tooth, TCP/IP and local.


 The use of physical or behavioural characteristics, such as fingerprints, signatures, or hand shape to verify identity is known as biometrics. Biometric access control usually involves a scanner or reader, software that converts the scanned data to digital format, and a database of information for comparison.

There are a variety of applications for which this type of access control is suitable, including time and attendance reporting, building access, and process control security. Scanners can read fingerprints, voice patterns, vascular patterns, retina/iris scans and even DNA.

Digital Video Recording (DVR) Security Applications

DVR, or digital video recording configured for security applications record video signals from CCTV cameras for detection and documentation purposes. In the modern security environment, DVR has replaced video recording with high-tech, feature rich options. They can be combined with PC’s and local networks to create an effective component of your security.

Zonal Proximity Control

An innovative system that allows the user to selectively view certain controls on electronic devices without activating the controls functions, or requiring the user to see all available controls.

Capacitive sensors detect proximity, without the functional activation of the control elements, whether they are 0D, 1D, 2D or 3D capacitive, mechanical, or any other form. Sensors can be parsed via software, or may be physically distinct regions. When a certain proximity threshold is reached, a specific action, or series of actions, can result depending on the pre-defined needs.

Time and Attendance Monitoring

Monitor your workforce time and attendance records, and use the great features included in our system to carry out the following functions:

  • On-line validation of clocking events;
  • Simple input from shop floor terminals;
  • Access control management by employee/terminal;
  • Elapsed time entry capability (timesheet information);
  • Mobile, remote, field employee time collection;
  • Automatic time entry capability (for salaried or support personnel);
  • Support of complex schedules including fixed, split, variable by day, 9/80, etc.;
  • Customer-defined events (absences, breaks, lunch, special labour, etc.);
  • Customer-defined attendance point tracking;
  • Tracking of multiple time-off accrual balances (vacation, illness, personal, etc.);
  • Management of overtime equalization policies;
  • Absence / late arrivals reporting;
  • Tracking of overtime offered, refused (with reasons), worked, etc.;
  • On-line inquiry of employee attendance and overtime information;
  • Complete audit trail of entries and changes;
  • History of employee worked time, absences, late arrivals, early departures; and
  • Workforce scheduling.


VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP) is a general term for any technology or communications methodology that lets you carry out voice communications through your computer, and over the internet.

Voice over IP solutions allow you to make and receive phone calls using a broadband internet connection. Also known as internet telephony, a VOIP system allows you to convert a voice signal into a digital one that can be sent over the internet.

VOIP Benefits

  • Cost Efficient
  • Flexible
  • Improves Productivity
  • Scalable & Mobile\

VOIP combines voice and data networks into a single network that is both manageable and cost efficient, making it a productive business solution.

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